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Analysis on several characteristics of deck and uses

Floor boards are made of galvanized steel plate cold bending by rolling, the section into a v-shape, u-shape, trapezoidal or wave similar to these shapes, mainly used as permanent formwork, can also be selected for other purposes.

Main features:

1.Meet the demands of rapid construction of the main steel structure, to providea firm platform within a short time, and can be used on various floors laying of profiled steel sheeting, tiered concrete slab construction.

2.Using the stage deck as the tensile reinforcement of concrete slab, also improved their stiffness, saving the amount of steel and concrete.

3.Pressure plate surface embossed floor plate and concrete have generally greater adhesion between, two parts form a whole, together with stiffening ribs, deck system with a carrying capacity of high-strength.

4.Cantilever under deck equipment only as a permanent templates. The length of the cantilever section features under floor boards to. In order to prevent the cracking of cantilever plate must support under structural engineers on the design anddistribution of negative reinforcement.

5.Deck of the company has passed the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant components for quality inspection center of the fire resistance test, asa combo deck without fireproofing spray, thus significantly reducing the project cost.

Products are widely used in power plants, electrical equipment company, showroom, steel structure, steel plants, cement warehouses, offices, airport terminals, train stations, stadiums, concert halls, theaters, supermarkets, logistics center, the Olympic Stadium and other steel structures. Dynamic load testing, qualified deck subjected to dynamic loading test of several groups obtained coefficient of composite shear-bond, test out the deck and concrete composite is obtained on the large-span design load. Fire resistance test, using 3 groups of slabs in fire-resistant lab for1.5 hours, 2-hour and 3-hour loaded fire resistance test, and measure the temperature distribution within the floor, testing whether the deck meet the insulation requirements, in bending moment resistance of the refractory stage.