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Application of color steel plate structure

1. Base plate, color steel plate can be divided into base plate, hot-dip galvanized,galvanized steel base plate base plate.

2. Choi metal coating type can be divided into: polyester, Silicon modified polyesters, polyethylene polyvinylidene fluoride, plastisol.

3. Color steel plate colors can be divided into many types according to user requirements, such as orange, milk, yellow, dark blue, blue, red blue, brick red, ivory, porcelain and so on.

4. Choi metal coating of surfaces can be divided into panels, embossed plates, printing plates.

5. Color-coated steel plate market is mainly divided into buildings, appliances andtransportation, three parts, construction sector accounted for the largest proportion, followed by home appliance industry, transport accounted for only small part.

Building color plate in hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and hot-dip galvanizing Al-Zncoated steel substrates, mainly processed into corrugated board or with polyurethane compound sandwich plate, used in the construction of steel plants, airports, warehouses, cold storage and other industrial and commercial building roofs, walls,doors.

Home appliances color plates with galvanized steel and cold plate for the base plate, used in the production of refrigerators and air conditioning systems, refrigerators, toasters, furniture and so on.

General plating zinc on the transport and the cold plate to substrate, mainly for the oil pan, auto interior parts.