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C-beam characteristics and selection of machines and z-machine

1, C-beam characteristics of the machine and the z-machine.

A, Z-Purlin for weak axis of inertia than similar c-Purlin, so its overall better than cPurlin.

B, Because connections are solid lap, lap becomes continuous purlins, Purlin and conly calculated by the simple supporting purlins.

C and Z Purlin to Purlin smaller than c, saving material and reduce cost. But to a c-Purlin complex installation and transport.

D and c steel machine suitable for sloping roof and z are suitable for roof slopes greater than 1/4.

2, C and z-machine of steel machines selection.

A, C Purlin roof load, calculation or calculated result when need to use super c Purlin, consider the use of Z-Purlin.

B, There are large areas of basic wind pressure, Purlin calculations are often controlled by the wind, if c-purlins can also be used for difficult to calculate z-Purlin.