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C steel machine equipment function

Quick installation: the steel sheet is light, mosaic-type characteristics of the installation and can be cut at random, its easy installation, can greatly advance efficiency, saving time.

High strength: high strength steel sheet as a substrate (resistance to tensile strength 5600KG/CM) plus the General roll forming of advanced design, with excellent structural properties.

Fire protection: colour composite sandwich panel material and insulation materialsas non-combustible materials, fully able to meet the fire safety requirements.

Beauty: pressure plate clearly lines up to dozens of kinds of colors, can be used with any style of building needs, achieve satisfying results.

Durability: many studies have shown, and proof of widely used abroad for more than 40 years, with a special coating of colored steel shelf-life at 10-15, every 10 years after spray coating, sheet life of up to 35 years.