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Considerations for installing steel roll forming machine

1. Color steel tile prior to its construction, unit in charge of works shall be requiredby the steel roll forming machinery set down programmes, the shelves are safety solutions, complete the signing procedures on both sides.

2. In the erection of steel structure color steel tile equipment error more than tolerance, easy to correct, every step I take out Porter after the cat required span, latitude, horizontal spacing, perpendicular to the pole. Color steel roll forming machine

3. Familiar with the drawings and construction of color steel tile machine, master architectural plan and elevation of the structural features of the environment, in accordance with the construction of fastener-style steel pipe construction steel roll forming machinery-safety-technical specification (JGJ130-2001) structure, decided to step of steel roll forming machinery and so on, specific application installation steps. Color steel roll forming machine

4. Color steel roll forming machine frame should hold a valid species of operator certification operations. Must wear seat belts and shoes, do not wear plastic clogs,shoes and other hard-sliding shoes for aerial work. Action, tools and small parts in the tool bag, tie the sleeves, neckline, and legs to prevent hook the danger. Color steel roll forming machine

5. Color steel tile materials, on the incoming pipe, fasteners, steel roll forming machine, check the safety net.

6. Color steel roll forming machine vertical rod is applied when the Institute consists of two operations, large and small bar with pole connection, must both cooperate.