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How to operate the deck forming machine

Pressure plate, not only during the construction phase under construction loads and cast the weight of layers of steel and concrete and floor using phases under load, thus forming part of the floor structure of. Such pressure plate, mainly used in the steel structure of reinforced concrete girder rib floor project. Non-profiled sheet of composite slab formworks. Profiled steel sheet during the construction phase, under construction loading and in-situ reinforced concrete weight, and stage floor for carrying loads, constitutes only part of floor slab structure. This template, used on steel or reinforced concrete structure beam or cast ribbed floor slab without beam projects profiled sheet template has an easy, light weight, installation speed, easy operation and canceled, dismantling cumbersome processes and so on.

This machine using of mold needed a Shang die and six a same specifications size of Xia die, first installation Shang die and a Xia die, Xia die directly installation in six party runner work stage, Shang die installation in sliding seat end of surface Shang, and placed appropriate thickness of pad, guarantee upper and lower die collection die Hou, around side clearance uniform, upper and lower die Zhijian distance is equal to by needed w billet of thickness. Then die above prevail, bench, install the remaining five pay module, and all die to drive after the tile has been installed. Automatic feeding, take the slab work procedures: mold test installation and host with the above, then open air compressors, vacuum pumps, extruders, qiewaji, feeding machine, roll forming machine, engine and brake block holder conveyor, stop,stop extruding machine, then the remaining equipment. Characteristics of roll forming machine equipment: the equipment operation, maintenance, maintenance andcommissioning of machinery, the advantages of easy to change die; the entire Automation control systems using highly integrated network, automation systems andbetter; the device uses high level automation software, management of productioninformation.

Meet the demands of rapid construction of the main steel structure, firm work platforms can provide in a short time, and can be used on various floors laying of profiled steel sheeting, tiered concrete slab construction. In using deck Waji as concrete slab tensile reinforcement, also improved their stiffness, saving the amount of steel and concrete. Pressure plate surface embossed floor plate and concrete knot together, so that the overall form, mixed with stiffening ribs, deck system with a carrying capacity of high-strength. Cantilever under deck as the only permanent templates. The length of the cantilever section features under floor boards to. In order to prevent the cracking of cantilever plate must support under structural engineerson the design and distribution of negative reinforcement.