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Performance characteristics of color steel plate

Easy to install

Color steel activities room is light, mosaic-type characteristics of the installation and can be cut at random, determine their mobile home installation is simple and can greatly enhance efficiency and save time. Fire color-coated steel sandwich Boardmaterials and insulation materials as non-combustible materials, fully able to meetmobile home fire safety requirements.


Many studies have shown, confirmed by widely used abroad for more than 40 years: the specially coated color steel plate shelf-life at 10-15, every 10 years after spray coating, housing activity sheet can live up to 35 years.Beautiful color plates clear lines up to dozens of different colors, can be used withany style of house building needs, to achieve satisfactory results.

Thermal insulation

The color steel composite Board commonly used insulation materials: rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, and housing activity has good thermal insulation effect. High-intensity color plates made of high strength steel plate to the substrate (resistance to tensile strength 5600kg/cm) coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming. Color steel plate housing activity has excellent structural properties.