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The development trend of color steel plate

First, high quality substrates and substrate surface, shape and dimensional accuracy requirements are higher, as small zinc flower formation in the outdoor hot-galvanized steel volume, non-spangles hot galvanized flat steel volumes rise time of alloyed hot-dip galvanized coil; Interior such as galvanized steel coil, foil Aluminum cold-rolled sheet and coil.

Second, improvement of pretreatment and pretreatment of liquid, low equipmentcount, low cost mainstream technology, continue to improve the stability of pretreatment, corrosion resistance, and environmental performance.

Third, pay attention to the development of new coating, polyester, PVDF (PVDF) and plastisols improved Super color reproducibility, UV resistance, resistance to sulfur dioxide, improving the corrosion resistance of the development features such as pollution, heat-resistant coatings.

Finally, better equipped units. Using new welding machine, the new roller coatingmachines and perfect curing furnace, equipped with advanced automation and so on.

Finally, because of cold embossing heat embossed low cost, with beautiful, icing on the cake, the intensity is high, making cold embossing technology trends.VI, focus on product diversification, functions, high-end technology, such as deep color-coated sheet, "grapefruit skin" color-coated sheet, antistatic color coating plates, pollution-resistant color-coated plate, high heat coated Board.