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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Solid Raw Materials

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Solid raw materials

Raw materials made of ceramic industry with raw materials, are from natural minerals. The stability of raw materials by the climatic conditions, mining technology and processing equipment, so the need for good quality control means to control, to ensure product quality stability.

2, grinding of solid raw materials, including grinding from coarse, broken, crushed, composed of a series of grinding operations. The purpose of grinding is to obtain a reasonable particle size, to ensure the production of the body of the physical and physical reactions fully carried out.

The main equipment: electronic ingredients, said 14 feet ball mill 3, spray (milling) general tile milling operations, is the use of nozzle spray dryer, the use of heat exchange principle, so that the rapid evaporation of water in the mud to obtain a certain moisture content Powder.

The main equipment: high pressure mud pump, drying tower, storage barrels 4, forming the use of hydraulic principles can be placed on the mold powder to exert a certain pressure to obtain the required shape, size and compactness of the body. Main equipment: hydraulic automatic molding machine 5, dry After forming the bad body placed in the humidity of 100-150 ℃ dry, remove the green water in the green, so that the water content of 0.6%, and improve the green strength to Profit and then processing.

Main equipment: vertical dryer or horizontal dryer 6, glaze glaze is the use of appropriate equipment will be covered with glaze glaze body surface, according to different glaze methods, glaze different and get different artistic effects of the product.

Major equipment: cloth glaze machine 7, printed on the already glazed blanks printed on different patterns and colors, in order to a certain decorative effect. The brush method is divided into flat printing and roller printing. I use advanced roller printing, can be divided into one, two, three flash, four printing, up to four different printing patterns can be followed.

Major equipment: flatbed or four-color printing presses

8, firing In any ceramic operation steps, firing is the most important step, must understand a lot of complex physical changes and chemical reactions, to be implemented and controlled, its purpose is to complete the suppression, glaze after the body, by The high temperature of the sintering process will be the purpose of the body to complete the porcelain.

Major equipment: double fast kiln, single-layer fast kiln 9, the edge of the brick to achieve a higher precision of the size, in order to facilitate the use of paving. 10, grading, packaging, into the library.

Vitrified polished tiles paving use and maintenance; ① vitrified polished tiles are made of porcelain wear-resistant brick, the surface after the polished treatment will be routinely visible naked eye pores. So every piece of polished tiles before the construction of the best first wipe a layer of floor water wax, to prevent the floor tiles when the dirty, smoked, affecting the use of quality ② paving before the first test shop on the ground. After using the same color number and size, you can use the adjacent color number and size, and color, size different tiles to distinguish between good categories, and then in the brick with the number to be marked. If the brick surface pattern or direction of the pattern, the product should be painted in accordance with the method shown in order to optimize the decorative effect. ③ the site clean up, and sprinkle the amount of water to facilitate the construction; 425 # cement and sand to 1: 3 ratio of mixed mortar (mixed mortar is best not to exceed 200 # otherwise, mixed mortar label is too high, the latter Stress unevenness will cause damage to the floor tiles, which affect the decorative effect, if serious, will also care for the construction quality of the accident), to about one meter of the wooden base, the mortar thoroughly smooth, then put the line, and then in the construction Sprinkle the powder on the ground. The cement powder fiddle evenly, once again sprinkled with a small amount of cement powder to increase the adhesion with the cement mortar.