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C And Z Pulin Machine Operating Principle And Mechanical Type

C and Z Pulin Machine Operating principle and mechanical type

Vacuum laminating machine in operation often have the possibility of error, then on the vacuum laminating machine, coating machine should pay attention to what? The following look at the operating principle of the coating machine and mechanical types: 1, mechanical type: all-round coating machine is usually divided into two types of cold glue and hot plastic. There are two kinds of coating method. Easy to evaporate the solvent glue using scraper. (1) cold glue coating machine using liquid glue. Liquid glue can be divided into solvent and water-based glue. The plastic box is easy to seal and avoid wrapping. Water-based glue and evaporative small solvent glue is usually used roller coating, easy to operate. (2) hot plastic coating machine. Coat machine hot plastic box after melting to use, usually coated plastic heating temperature of about 220 ℃. Suitable for affixed to solid wood and decorative paint paper. 2, operating principle: imitation craft veneer action, use a variety of molding pressure wheel. The appearance of decorative materials attached to the appearance of the substrate, usually pick the profile of the center line or the highest point may be the lowest point as a starting point, the pressure wheel along the profile summary, point by point, followed by fixed orientation, constitute the profile summary envelope. When the profiles in the direction of transport movement, has been coated with decorative materials through the pressure roller, forming round by point rolling, to achieve the two composite operations. The yarn (cotton, wool, linen, filament, silk, etc.) is coated on the core yarn (spandex or other covering yarn for weaving or knitting.

PUR coating machine has a stable overall body and precision transmission system, after the factory carefully adjusted, the working speed can reach 60 m / min, its high efficiency, fast, stable operation, to the domestic advanced Level. Scratch plastic head structure is simple, smooth glue, easy maintenance, in the actual production process, when the PVC coating film quickly slide through the precise high temperature of plastic to 130 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ scraping plastic head, there is no PVC material to absorb a large number Heat time, so as to ensure that the PVC coating is not deformed, not stretched. With the stability of the overall body and precision transmission system, Wing Ho margin coating machine manufacturing machine in the 60 m / min or less work without any form of correction device, and adjust the equipment at any time boot production, thus Saving a lot of material and time.

Technical comparison

At present, many cold-coated enterprises began to use hot plastic coating for production, mainly because the hot plastic coating and cold plastic coating has obvious advantages, including:

1. High efficiency. The process of cold glue determines the coating speed is generally low. The hot plastic coated products do not need to store observation, the speed is much faster than the cold glue machine, hot melt adhesive coating equipment production efficiency is 3 to 5 times the cold glue equipment.

2. Low labor costs. Because of the speed, high efficiency, save labor costs.

3. easy to adjust the provincial glue. Automatic electronic control gear pump for the glue system to cover the ever-changing speed can still be precisely controlled and digital display per gram of glue, uniform coating, no rubbish, no blister, the effect of good glue, a number of professional The design makes the device easy to adjust and easy to master.

4. Products than ordinary cold plastic coated products high temperature.