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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Average Force

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Average force

As far as the current situation is concerned, the number of cable tray molding machines is increasing, and some of its advantages are increasingly accepted by people. Through numerous twists and turns, the cable has been built since the 1950s Tray molding unit, to the end of the seventies in the country factory only six manufacturers.

Cable tray molding machine industry this phenomenon has been sustained until the early stages of reform and opening up, and later in the reform and opening up a strong form, the steel varieties and quality gradually improved, cable tray molding machine production began to have further development of. In 1989, China has more than 20 manufacturers, production reached 300,000 tons, and even the specifications also have more than 800 kinds. With the development of science and technology, cable tray molding machine is also continuous improvement, according to the new adjustment results show that so far already have more than 100 sets of cable tray forming unit, the output has been 1.5 million tons, and specifications More than 1000 kinds of. Whether it is in the production efficiency or product quality improvement has been greatly improved, will also be in the future to the road farther and farther. For the cable tray molding machine many people will not feel strange, you can refer to his correct use of the method is not very understanding, and everything has the implementation of the order, any mechanical also have a method of operation, we take you one Look up.

Inspection in use is one of the essential steps, the cable tray molding machine is no exception, to deal with the upper and lower mold to check the coincidence of the situation and the strength of the positioning device to check whether the processing requirements. Of course, the necessary protective measures of the operator is also very important. In the operation of the machine to strictly abide by the operating requirements, in the skateboard and the positioning of the axis are returned to the origin of the operation also returned to the origin. After 1-2 minutes after the start-up of the equipment or after the operation of the skateboard to 2-3 times, if there is an abnormal phenomenon, it will need to be stopped immediately. Check the service failure before proceeding. For the cable tray molding machine design, may need and follow the principles of a lot, need to pay attention to the characteristics of many, then as a good cable tray molding machine manufacturers, the following with everyone to understand the cable tray molding machine design time Features.

First of all, to say under the cable tray molding machine should be used to comply with the principle of what? That is the principle of the average force, so the average force of the case, in order to effectively protect the balance of wear and extension of the cable tray molding machine life. And then is the problem of rolling stability, which requires the design of the time to pay attention to the symmetry between the wheel, and asked to calculate the measurement of good materials. Then, is the accuracy of the wheel processing at the same time and the arc part of the track must be processed to protect. So see so much in the design and processing of small problems, whether it is helpful to you? Let's live together.