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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Different Specifications

Uncoiling → Leveling → Picking, Punching → Forming → Lengthing, Cutting → Receiving

Overview of equipment structure:

The production line can produce cable bridge, different specifications through the replacement of the die to complete, roll bending machine with a combination of adjustable, a roll to complete all specifications of the bridge products, specifications change by adjusting the machine opening and roll to complete.

Equipment performance

1, according to the production needs of rolling a strip width 100mm ≤ ≤ ≤ 860mm variety of cable tray.

2, online punching production speed: 2.5 ~ 5 m / min.

3, forming equipment continuous molding speed: 10 ~ 15 m / min.

4, plate material thickness: 1-2.5mm.

5, material requirements: low carbon steel, galvanized steel coil.

6, the production line points automatically and manual two modes of operation, can be achieved linkage and segment operation.

The main components of the equipment

The complete set of equipment consists of uncoiler, ML-900 leveling machine, servo feeding device, JF21-200B punch, die, guide frame, forming host, cut-off, receiving station and electrical control and other components.

Thermoplastic sheet and film vacuum forming process, one of the main process is the sheet heating. The duration and quality of the electric heating depends on the structure of the heater, the thermal inertial blister of the heat transfer after the surface of the radiation, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiant energy absorption coefficient, the characteristics of the heater surface, and the material Thermal physical properties. Commonly used heaters are electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters.

1, built-in water cooling system with chiller molding, at the same time with the insulation board up and down the water, the production speed faster than the traditional machine times.

2, electric furnace using 60 sets of TCL thermostat switch control, so that more uniform temperature.

3, the machine set the count function, to facilitate the production of each class and the production of materials per volume statistics.

4, the whole machine using all imported components assembly PS tray molding machine, stable quality, solid structure.

5, the machine all the action can be in the automatic and manual state alone control, easy to operate