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Color Steel Plate Environmental Protection Materials

Color Steel Plate Environmental protection materials

【Practical knowledge】 color plate cleaning and maintenance methods Daquan

For the color plate must have no stranger in the city can see every site, but also in the natural activities of the empty area can see it figure, as the color plate its general function and role of the general people know, but For the color plate structure into the activities of the room and color plate and the daily maintenance and cleaning methods, we are not very understanding, today Xiaobian for everyone to share color plate cleaning and maintenance methods Daquan.

First for everyone to introduce under the color plate:

Color plate is the country's respected new environmentally friendly materials. With the progress of science and technology, the people's awareness of environmental enhancement, color steel plate to establish the activities of the room more and more show a strong vitality and broad market prospects. Color steel plate activity room with its housing sealed tight, thermal insulation, structural waterproof, resistant to corrosion, fire beautiful, solid and stable, any addition and subtraction, free interval, colorful and so on. Building color steel plate is generally hot-dip galvanized steel plate and hot-dip galvanized steel plate as the substrate, mainly processed into corrugated board or polyurethane composite sandwich panel, used for the construction of steel and other industrial and commercial buildings roof, The

From this we can find the color plate because of the convenience of installation, the economic characteristics are widely used in construction sites and natural disasters, it is also because the color plate is relatively large, the shape is not smooth and so on, most people use color plate for a long time The dirty will only use water and cloth to clean, but the Shenzhen Color Steel Plate Steel Co., Ltd. Xiaobian tell you that these methods are not practical and scientific, and today the color plate manufacturers Xiaobian to share the following two easy to use, practical ,scientific methods:

method one

Specific implementation steps:

1, remove the original protruding part of the silicone rubber seal, so that slit and tidy, the construction surface to be dry, clean and clean;