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Color Steel Plate Identification Of Color Plate Quality

Color Steel Plate Identification of color plate quality

[Note] good or bad not clear? This is the most reliable quality of color plates

Color steel plate steel structure Co., Ltd. Xiaobian last updated article is to introduce the color of the wall after the wall how to fill the way, today Xiaobian for everyone to share is the last time the most fundamental problem, that is how to buy a good color plate Products, and in order to buy a good product, we must know how to identify the quality of color plate method. Shenzhen color steel manufacturers to teach you how to identify the quality of color plate. The same time as

Now there is no need to talk about the color of the steel plate, as now also talk about whether to do the topic of e-commerce, has no meaning! Although the color plate products can be seen everywhere, but most ordinary consumers have a misunderstanding, that is: the thicker the better color plate, the hardness of the stronger the better, so that the village because of thick and strong so that is good product.

And this point by many poor color steel manufacturers and profiteers on the use of consumer "misunderstanding" psychological, for this "misunderstanding" color steel plate manufacturers in the color plate or surface of the article, bad color plate manufacturers to increase the coating Layer or film thickness, to improve the overall thickness of the buckle plate, more bad color steel production plant at the expense of a large number of chromium, lead, mercury and other harmful substances in the recovery of scrap iron (scrap scrap costs even only half of high quality steel ).

This will achieve the purpose of increasing the thickness of the color plate, so as to obtain consumer recognition and like to profit! But this method is only a short time, because when the user is found, it will greatly damage the reputation of the color plate company, long down there is only the fate of the collapse.

Today, the color steel plate Steel Co., Ltd. for everyone to share is engaged in color steel plate manufacturing more than 8 years of engineers summed up from the daily, very practical, see the specific introduction

1, observe the product coating or film thickness, substrate thickness, good aluminum plate coating is basically only 0.02 ~ 0.03mm, film thickness is often only 0.15mm below the quality of color steel plate is often in the steel substrate and Color steel gusset coating or coating on the hands and feet, usually used to reduce the thickness of the steel substrate, and in the steel substrate coating a few more coating or a very thick film, and even some steel plate on the market plate steel plate Only 0.15mm, film has 0.4mm. Caigang buckle board too thin, coating or film is too thick will make the performance of aluminum buckle plate.