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Color Steel Plate More Stable

Color Steel Plate More stable

First be familiar with drawings, carefully review the color steel plate layout, node, choi steel associated with building, choi steel itself color, padding, the size of the basic requirements, in the choi steel partition door, window size and layout, auxiliary material type and other unknown content.

Choi steel plant before the installation of steel work, shall be carried out after completion of the ground, and in the installation of other related conditions such as large equipment have been shipped in place, dark apply surface line has adjusted the main installation work and technical interlayer was basically completed, only can be performed. The line is the horizontal projection of the horizontal projection and the window position. The centerline of the upper and lower manchules should be on the same vertical surface.

When prefabricated in the factory, the clearance and installation allowance are fully taken into account according to experience, door holes, window holes and seaming. And in the whole transportation production, during the installation process, prevent the scratch, pressure and surface impact, to prevent the occurrence of uncorrected pits and scratches. The plastic protective film on both sides of the color plate is only allowed to be removed after the installation is complete. Sealing silica gel: in the area of purification, all the following cracks that may affect the cleanliness of cleanliness should be coated with silica gel: the joints between the color plates, the R Angle and the wall panels, all the gaps in the roof; The gap between air duct, air vent, high efficiency filter and wall top plate; A gap between the protective pipe groove and the edge of the hole. The upper and lower manger, the lower manger is generally used with the inner and outer R Angle aluminum profile.

With nail fixed the picture on the ground line, Angle and the terminal edge to the distance of 0.1 meters advisable, adopting water sealing rubber strip on the nail before put two strip in the trough, the form waterproof isolation closed after nail fixed. The upper manger is to press the channel aluminum, the hard ceiling is fixed on the top of the ceiling, and the ceiling is suspended at the height of the ceiling, the height is the ceiling height.

First in the doors and Windows of the door, the door window frame of stainless steel is fixed firmly, the door is to open the direction, the window glass. The door closers should be adjusted to open the speed and power, generally in the first half of the closing speed, the second half of the moment is small and slow, to reduce the closing impact and noise. Era development, things change, derived the growing of choi steel specification, function also more and more to the comprehensive development, but no one is perfect, everything in the world is not absolutely  exists. But the progress of science has made the construction building materials such as colorful steel plate building materials with almost complete performance come out.

The development of the building group, since ancient times has been changing, from cave, huts, wooden building, brick, concrete buildings to the present popular in Europe and the types of light steel construction, from the original ecological environment of residential community, to man-made buildings now live , people slowly from pollution-free natural environment to the severe pollution in the 21st century, but in the 21st century, and will return to the original ecological , modern architects have begun to dig up all kinds of environmentally friendly building materials, technical personnel continuously develop all kinds of color steel plate of the specifications of the performance, the performance of the various color steel plate super russsian, in innovation constantly replenished with choi steel specification, type, such as glass magnesium choi steel, polyethylene closed-cell foam board, closed-cell foam board, rock wool board, sandwich board, color monolayer steel and other different types of color steel plate, but is still in the installation technology of the traditional, elegant installation technology, the strict precision alignment, must have the building housing the backbone of the skeleton installation is firm, to join different kinds of color steel plate in the outer and inner specification types, some houses not all layouts are choi steel, just on the outside using the sandwich board insulation principle keep building internal and external temperature difference, thus to protect the buildings from the outside world chemical corrosion, comprehensive performance of the colored steel slabs of chemical reaction is relatively stable.