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Color Steel Plate Specification Performance

Color Steel Plate Specification performance

Color steel plate specifications performance

    1, Caigang sandwich panels, often used to plug the mouth, it has a convenient installation, saving time, material, smoothness, high strength, especially for ceiling, partition system.

2, thickness (mm): 50-250;

3, length (mm): due to continuous molding production, the board can be determined according to user needs;

4, width (mm): 1150 (1200)

5, core material performance: A, polystyrene bulk density: ≥ 15kg / m3 thermal conductivity ≤ 0.036W / m.K maximum operating temperature: about 100 ℃.

6, rock wool Bulk density: ≥ 110kg / m3 Thermal conductivity: ≤0.043W / m.K Maximum operating temperature: about 500 ℃ A | incombustibility: B1 level B, non-flammable: A

A, 950 corrugated steel sandwich panels set corrugated board and sandwich panels in one, than the average flat steel sandwich panels increased the strength of three times, the use of hidden self-drilling screws and roof truss, do not destroy the exposed color coated Part of the extension of the life of Caigang sandwich panels; plate and board with a buckle cap, easy construction, improve efficiency, the biggest feature is not easy to seepage.

B, rock wool thermal insulation Caigang sandwich panels its core material is basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, the high temperature melt into the fiber, adding appropriate amount of binder, curing and made of. The product is suitable for industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, noise, etc., at the same time for clean room, explosion-proof fire shop ceiling, partition and so on.

C, PU polyurethane color sandwich panel sandwich panel bond strength of not less than 0.09MPa, sandwich panel combustion performance to B1 level, bending bearing capacity sandwich panel deflection Lo / 200 (Lo for the distance between the bearings) , The sandwich plate bending capacity of not less than 0.5Kn / m2.

D, polyurethane edge glass wool cotton, rock wool sandwich board is the use of high-quality color coated steel sheet for the surface material, continuous cotton fiber rock wool, glass wool for the core material, high-density rigid foam polyurethane filling, after High-pressure foam curing, automatic dense cotton and ultra-long precision double-track control after forming a composite, the fire effect than the simple polyurethane sandwich panels a better layer.