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Color Steel Plate The Basic Knowledge Of Color Plate

Color Steel Plate The basic knowledge of color plate

The basic knowledge of color plate

In the last updated article for everyone to introduce the color plate: use, basic characteristics, structure, characteristics of the performance of these four basic knowledge, today for everyone to share is: color steel plate main types, the main unit, color plate exists Problems and trends. See the text:

Main species

The substrate of the color steel plate is a cold-rolled substrate, a hot-dip galvanizing substrate, and an electro-galvanized substrate. Coating types can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride and plastic sol. The surface condition of the color steel plate can be divided into coating board, embossing plate and printing plate. The color steel plate is widely used in the construction of household appliances and transportation industry. The construction industry is mainly used for steel industry, airport, warehouse and freezing industry. Commercial buildings of the roof walls and doors, etc., civil buildings using less color plate.

And steel distinction

It is different from the steel is different from the composition of the material, suction stone can be sucked.

Strictly speaking, steel and Caigang in the metal properties and surface treatment and can not be a good distinction, because the same; so the distinction between the market mainly in the profile structure.

Iron test

Because it is ordinary carbon steel material, magnets can suck.

Main unit

In the late 1980s, our country built the steel plate units in succession. These units were built in steel mills and joint ventures. The color plate technology was basically introduced from abroad. To 2000 domestic color steel plate reached 1.73 million tons, there have been overcapacity. State-owned large iron and steel enterprises of the unit capacity, high level of equipment, have been built using foreign technology, the annual production capacity of 120,000 to 17 million tons of color plate unit.

At the same time, many private enterprises to invest in color steel production mostly use of domestic equipment, production capacity is small, but launched fast, low investment, the main products for building materials, decoration industry. In addition, foreign investment, Taiwan-funded also have landed to build Caitu crew, but most concentrated in the coastal areas. Since 1999, with the color coated plate market boom, color coated board production and consumption has entered a rapid growth period. From 2000 to 2004, production increased at an average rate of 39.0%. By 2005, the national color coated board production capacity is greater than 8 million tons / year, there are a group of color coating units are under construction, the total capacity of more than 9 million tons / year.

There is a problem

1. Although the largest amount of building materials used hot-dip galvanizing substrate production capacity is large, but the lack of zinc-free flat hot-dip galvanized steel coil and zinc alloy coating coil and other good substrate;

2. Domestic paint varieties, the quality can not fully meet the demand, the high price of imported paint to reduce the competitiveness of the film required plastic film still need to rely on imports, the lack of thick coating, functional, high strength, rich color high-end color Coated plate

3. Products are not standardized, resulting in a serious waste of resources, production capacity of 40,000 tons / year below the low-capacity units too much, in product quality and environmental resources protection problems;

4. National new color coating unit too much, far more than the market demand, resulting in many Caitu crew operating rate is very low, or even cut off.

development trend

First, the use of high-quality substrate, the substrate surface, board shape and dimensional accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, such as the use of small zinc roll flat hot galvanized steel coil, zinc-free hot-dip galvanized steel coil and nowadays The rise of zinc alloy hot rolled coil; indoor use such as galvanized steel coil, film cold rolled sheet and aluminum coil.