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Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine Cold Forming

Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine Cold forming

Dawn pressure type mechanical roll cold forming machine: Roller cold forming is Dangdang metal plate in turn through the number of pairs of roller with the roller, with the roller rotation plate forward, while being continuously So that the desired cross-sectional shape is obtained. It can be seen that roll forming is a continuous bending forming method. Figure 2 shows the molding of the strip at different cross-sections of the second pair of rollers in Figure 1. The strip is initially bent at the entrance of the roller and is moved forward at the same time, and at the center of the center of the roller 4, the forming of the second pair of rollers is completed and pierced from the roller and then entered Third pair of rollers.

Cold Roll Forming is a plastic working method in which the full length of the strip is sequentially passed through a plurality of different holes, the partial stepwise deformation, the full cross-sectional shape is gradually close to the finished product, and finally the product having the full length and uniform cross section is obtained The The apertures are formed by the contours of two or more forming rollers (also known as rollers, rolls) having a certain shape, which may be horizontal or vertical rolls. Hole is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. The forming roll is mounted on the frame, and the forming roll which is responsible for driving the strip is driven by the motor through the drive system. Generally, only the horizontal roller is the driving roller, and the vertical roller is often the passive roller. Each frame is called a molding machine, each machine is equipped with two or more forming roller, each column forming unit consists of two or more forming machine.

In the bending deformation zone of the cross section, the outer fiber of the bent part is elongated and the inner fiber is compressed and shortened. In the area between shortening and elongating, there is a layer of fiber The length of the same, known as the neutral layer, which formed in the cross-section of the arc called the neutral line. Due to the outer strain of a pull a pressure, it is easy to cause thinning deformation, the inner layer of the pressure strain, is not conducive to plastic flow, coupled with the round roll forming rounds of rigid contact, so that the metal flow nowhere, The inner layer of the layer, so that the thickness of the bending part of thinning, thinning is generally small. In determining the thickness and width of the blank, it is considered that the thickness of the strip before and after molding is constant, and the sum of the lengths of the neutral lines of each part (line) after molding is equal to the width of the blank.

Cold-formed steel section of the corner part of the material due to bending plastic deformation cold work hardening, that is, strength, plasticity decline, this phenomenon is called cold bending effect. If the use of cold bending effect to improve the strength of the component design, you can save 10% to 15% of the steel, but also as a cold-formed steel components to improve the strength of the security reserves.

At present, China's Cold Roll Forming of the name of the process of the name of a variety of names: one is translated from the Russian, known as cold-formed, cold-formed steel (metallurgical industry to use this argument); one is from the English And other foreign translation, known as cold roll forming, roll forming, roll forming, roll forming, rolling molding, etc .; there is a Chinese Taiwan called, known as the wheel forming, cold rolling molding; English name is more certain, there are Rollforming, Roll-forming, Roll Forming ;; Japanese translation from the English way, cold sand forming. Due to the roll forming process, the strip is fed by the active forming roll, so the cold forming can be combined with other processes such as welding, perforation, printing, length cutting, winding wire and paperboard And become a joint continuous production line.