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EPS Cutting Machine High Precision

EPS Cutting Machine High precision

 dThe new multi-functional CNC foam cutting machine is mainly used for foam board,ovetail groove, saw groove, trapezoidal groove and other profiled trough, European architectural eaves line, foot line, Roman column cylinder cutting, and color steel sandwich foam Modeling cutting, etc., all two-dimensional graphics can be cut. The cutting machine has reasonable structure, stable performance, high precision, advanced technology, simple operation and reasonable price. It is the substitute product of the original foam cutting machine. It can save time and save time by using this product. Raw materials.

The main frame of the machine is made of rectangular steel pipe and various special connecting pieces. The movement is stable, the structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, the precision is high, the technology is advanced and the operation is simple. The use of this product can save time, save time and save raw materials. By controlling the X-axis (gears and racks before and after the activities of the gantry) and the Y-axis (vertical screw and the mother of the upper and lower load resistance wire with the wire rope) synchronized operation into a pattern, while the use of resistance wire to cut a variety of EPS products. The line is the use of input computer graphics automatically send pulse signal to control the operation of the X, Y axis; single-line CNC profiling cutting machine for large or small amount of cutting products; machine using stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed , Suitable for cutting special graphics need to stop the speed requirements, mechanical control accuracy of 0.5mm.

Voltage regulation: The machine is equipped with a 3KW transformer, and through the electronic regulator, the voltage output is 0 --- 70V adjustable. The cutting rack can be installed on the 20 heating wire, which can cut 20 the same line or shape.

The machine uses advanced computer control system, directly on the computer to draw a variety of graphics, and then enter the console directly cut. Users can also use the U disk will need to cut the pattern or text of the 3B code input controller directly cut.

The display has the function of displaying the cutting pattern, browsing the cutting stroke and so on. Cutting speed adjustable, the maximum speed of 4000mm / min. Parameter settings simple and convenient.