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EPS Cutting Machine Maintenance And Repair

EPS Cutting Machine Maintenance and repair

CNC foam cutting machine, although as an early processing equipment, but the frequent switching machine not only reduces the efficiency of the equipment at the same time there are losses, enterprises should be reasonable planning cutting time, as far as possible one-time, large quantities of cutting tasks to complete, to minimize Maintenance caused by downtime.

Mechanical maintenance and maintenance 1, a week to clean up the dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be closed dust. 2, the rails should always clean up, remove dust and other debris, racks should always wipe, add lubricants, to ensure lubrication and no debris. 3, often check the straightness of the track and the machine's vertical degree, found that the normal maintenance and debugging in a timely manner.

Foam cutting machine maintenance methods:

1, remember! Thunder, the next heavy rain, the foam cutting machine power cut off, so as not to have the risk of electrical components have been lightning.

2, the requirements of the daily cutting of the cutting machine to remove the table, limiters and rails on the debris, and marked on the rail lubricants;

3, the indoor environment will have a certain impact on the life of the machine, especially the damp and dusty environment. Moisture environment is easy to make electrical components and wires of the joints at the black, or the circuit prone to short circuit problems; daily foam cutting machine can be used before the hair dryer blowing part of the electric cable connector part of the wire to dry.

CNC foam cutting machine main frame selection of professional profiles and a variety of special connections made of connecting, stable movement, high precision. European-style components of the foam cutting machine selection stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed, appropriate cut special graphics requirements constant speed request, mechanical control accuracy of 0.5mm voltage scheduling: eps line cutting machine equipped with a 3KW transformer, And through the electronic regulator, the voltage output is 0 --- 70V adjustable. Cut the rack can be equipped with 20 electric wire, can be cut together with 20 the same image or text. CNC foam cutting machine selection of brand computers, the use of drawing and cut the software interface are Chinese and English logo and knowledgeable icon, easy to operate, the user as long as the drawing software in the picture, in the cut software to cut the code, equipment Will work automatically.

1. Machine through the control of the X-axis (gear and rack combination before and after the activities of the gantry) and Y-axis (vertical screw and the mother of the upper and lower load resistance wire with the wire rope) synchronous operation into a combination of graphics, Cutting a variety of EPS products. The route is the use of input computer graphics automatically send a pulse signal to control the X, Y-axis operation;

2. Enter the computer's product graphics in two ways: directly with computer-specific line cutting software to draw or scan graphics board to the graphics input computer:

3. Single-line CNC profiling machine for cutting large or small number of products;

4. Multi-line CNC profiling machine for cutting small or large number of products. Resistance wire cutting system can be used up to 20 resistance wire, the graphics input to the computer, all the resistance wire can be run in parallel, Twenty complex two-dimensional body.