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EPS Cutting Machine Processing Foam

EPS Cutting Machine Processing foam

We will use a lot of materials and processing methods, including EPS lines, we are not on the EPS line processing methods are very curious? EPS lines are processed by EPS line cutting machine, in the process of Processing foam is that we need to use EPS foam cutting machine, and its work for our production activities to provide the most professional materials. Of course, its scope of application is also very wide, then let us take a closer look at it Understand the layout characteristics of EPS foam cutting machine and the scope of application

EPS foam cutting machine layout features: 1, with a removable material to adjust the scale equipment. To ensure the accuracy of the cutting scale, with a digital display ruler. 2, removable table, use negative pressure adsorption method, fixed to be cut foam. 3, suspended work, with a manual, automatic equipment. 4, red brake button for manual braking. This button is invalid when the push button is pressed. 5, when the brake solenoid pull, press the push button, brake solenoid immediately release. Scope of application: mainly used for the expansion of foam information, which can be rigid foam, soft foam, plastic cut into a square, rectangular, strip, etc., with high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting accuracy, high precision The It can cut out a variety of shapes on one device, such as the giant dovetail groove, ladder groove, rectangular groove, circular groove, corrugated groove, small package, free model, European decoration pieces, CNC foam cutting machine There are easy to operate, high precision, reduce polystyrene sheet metal spill and so on. Precautions for using EPS foam cutting machine

Now the home improvement industry is very popular, with the rapid development of home improvement industry, home improvement industry equipment is also constantly evolving and updated. EPS foam cutting machine is such a home improvement industry in the commonly used cutting equipment. Its role in the architectural decoration industry is very great. Speaking of EPS European-style component cutting machine that many friends are strange, but in fact you have seen a lot of architectural decoration is its result Oh, since its role is so big, we should pay attention to how to use it properly The role of play to the extreme. Precautions for using EPS foam cutting machine

In the use of the process, in addition to pay attention to maintenance, but also on the use of some of the considerations to understand: 1, check the machine before the start of the pipeline there is a leak phenomenon, there is a leak phenomenon never boot. 2, maintenance should pay attention to a technician command and coordination. 3, shut down before closing all the valves, and put the air in the remaining gas. 4, cutting machine used in the work of raw materials for flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and other gases. So it is necessary to check whether the entire gas circuit is sealed on time. 5, the operator in the fire when the fire should be timely control, in order to avoid fire. 6, the gas department should be open to open fire, and in its surrounding normal function of carbon dioxide or other appropriate fire extinguishing device. 7, in the operation, such as encounter an emergency situation, you should immediately press the red emergency stop switch to prevent accidents.