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EPS Cutting Machine There Are Cutting Machine Types

EPS Cutting Machine There are cutting machine types

Eps foam cutting machine, can be described as eps foam cutting machine is for foam, sponge and other chemical materials often processed after the equipment. At present, mainly follow the high temperature of the laser machine often cut, laser beam fine cutting is not easy to deformation, incision smooth, no margin. CNC foam cutting machine

Eps foam cutting machine types are: CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC intersecting line cutting machine, laser cutting machine, fine plasma cutting machine, steel dedicated CNC cutting machine production line. The company eps eaves line cutting machine equipped with CNC system, arc pressure automatically increased, the capacitor automatically increased, cutting machine nesting software and other core numerical control components are in a global leader! The company invested an appropriate amount of research funding every year, must use In the core cutting technology development and upgrading! Is walking in the forefront of the cutting machine business, is committed to breeding the most skill CNC cutting equipment for their own cutting foam products! Eps foam cutting machine used in the aerospace industry, machine tool industry, engineering machinery, Pressure vessel, fan manufacturing, shipbuilding, power equipment, metallurgical and mining machinery, dust removal equipment, steel structure, bridge manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, chassis cabinets, stone processing, glass processing, robot manufacturing and other industries. The above is certainly some of the instructions with the eps foam cutting machine, the company is the production of eps foam cutting machine production of home, in addition to foam cutting machine, the company also produced other related production, it is estimated that you will be required.

The reason may be due to the following:

1. High-frequency sampling circuit is broken or positive and negative

2. Inverter adjustment potentiometer improper adjustment or poor contact

3. Frequency conversion circuit failure


1 check the high-frequency sampling circuit with or without open circuit, check the positive and negative polarity is correct

2 check the frequency adjustment of the potentiometer is in the smallest position, adjustable, check whether the contact bad

3 check the inverter circuit components such as triode, capacitor, integrated block PLL 4016 is good, with the oscilloscope to check the voltage control oscillation pulse, input and output conditions and photoelectric device output status, damage can be replaced.

CNC foam cutting machine wire motor abnormal reasons:

1 wire motor suddenly stopped, may be two-phase voltage fluctuations too much or the voltage is too low

2. Take advantage of the motor without brakes, may fuse blow or diode breakdown

3. broken wire protection does not work, may be used for too long

4. The conductive block is dirty, causing the conductive block to be damaged from the machine

5. Mode switch in the off state machine can not start, may be bad or broken wire protection switch circuit failure

CNC foam cutting machine wire motor abnormalities Check the way:

1 pick up the incoming line voltage amplitude and fluctuations, should be within the normal range, or improve the power quality

2 check the FU fuse is blown, if the fuse will check whether the brake diode breakdown, if the breakdown, then replace and then replace the fuse

3 check the conductive block and clean, check the wire protection, remove the conductive block on the wire; start the machine, if the start to prove that wire protection does not work

4 check the cleaning conductive block and check the circuit

5 check the upper and lower conductive block and the contact between the key wire is good, the conductive block of the lead wire is released, and the electrical box connection is disconnected, or replace the wire protection switch and the total control panel.