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EPS Cutting Machine Transfer Method

EPS Cutting Machine transfer method

The quality of the foam cutting machine to measure, in general, the quality of foam cutting can be measured by the standard:

1, equipment cutting software is formal, and some manufacturers to reduce the cost of using pirated U disk shoddy, resulting in cutting system instability

2, the motor torque rate, the torque rate is too small is not uniform price, the motor power shrinking lay

3, the drive part, several motor drive a few, a drive control a motor, a drive control a direction

4, heating part, a heating system and two heating system cut out of the workpiece is very different, two heating accuracy can guarantee ± 0.05mm

5, transmission mode, the current drive on the market rack drive, belt drive, compared to rack drive, belt drive error, the use of the new machine will have a big ball mother error, a long time the error will be more and more And can only find manufacturers to debug, and the rack transmission power is the use of medical precision chain, the relative accuracy will be higher, especially the precision requirements are very strict casting industry are using rack drive.

 Buy foam cutting machine should pay more attention is that manufacturers have no perfect after-sales service. Any one of the sophisticated machines in the use of the process will be a variety of problems, in the event of problems after the manufacturers can provide technical support in a timely manner we should consider the issue.

"Quality is the social responsibility" is the eternal management of CNC business philosophy, each kind of equipment research and development, design and production are focused on technological innovation, scientific design, precision manufacturing, and in strict accordance with the quality management system to ensure that each production link to ensure that each The performance and quality of the plant equipment.

 eps component foam cutting machine is based on the computer input graphics control servo motor to drive the heating of the electric cutting wire and work platform, in the X axis and Y axis direction at the same time movement, horizontal and vertical cutting foam, so that the foam can be fast Accurate cutting. Each EPS line cutting machine has five precision servo motors, control the platform, and high-performance nickel-chromium alloy electric wire movement

 eps component foam cutting machine control box safety norms guidelines:

(1) control box before connecting the power supply should ensure that the cable has been connected,

(2) to ensure that the control box supply voltage is 220V plus or minus 10%, in the local power grid voltage fluctuations in the case, it is recommended to the CNC machine operating system equipped with 1. 5kVA three-phase AC power box.

(3) When moving the control box, the middle and lower parts should be pushed to prevent the control box from dumping;

(4) CNC foam cutting machine has not been specially trained personnel shall not be free to open the control, 'or maintenance operations to prevent damage to the control box or personal injury accidents.

(5) CNC foam cutting machine found control box box charged or control box odor, it should immediately cut off the power and notify the factory engineering and technical personnel for maintenance treatment.