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Floor Deck Forming Machine Production Requirements

Floor deck forming machine main feeder, feed import platform, forming machine,punching device, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer-controlled Cabinet consists of several parts. Optional configurations are common feeding machine, hydraulic machine.

Floor deck forming machine design of high-rise steel structure, steel-concrete composite structure is often used, is very irregular in intensity or high top, should not simply to seismic core of adverse economic choices framed form. Select peripheralgiant src column and core for the braced frame structures. More than half of the senior class of the former. The disadvantage. Light steel industrial building, when there is a large hanging loads or moving loads, you can consider giving up the portal frame grid. Basic snow area, roof curves should be conducive to snow slide, large rainfall and similar considerations. Building permits, arrangement in the frame support is more than a simple node rigid frames have a better economy. Roof covering in a large building, you can select members pulling cable or cable-membrane structure system.

Floor boards are made of galvanized steel plate floor deck forming machine roll forming, the section into a v-shape, u-shape, trapezoidal or wave similar to these shapes, mainly used as permanent formwork, can also be selected for other purposes. Floor boards meet the demands of rapid construction of the main steel structure, to provide a firm platform within a short time, and can be used on various floors laying of profiled steel sheeting, tiered concrete slab construction.