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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Daily Maintenance

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Daily maintenance

To improve the service life of the floor molding machine, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance work on the floor forming machine. Many people do not know how to correctly on the floor molding machine maintenance, followed by Xiaobian to tell you the correct maintenance of knowledge.

1, should always pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board, regularly clean up the strength of the electric box of dust, keep the box dry, so as not to damp.

2, check the oil parts of the various parts of the phenomenon of oil spills, if any time to deal with, so as not to scratch the piston rod and oil quality deterioration.

3, check the machine drive parts of the wear and tear phenomenon, and whether the phenomenon of each butter nozzle and injection of butter.

4, pay attention to the hydraulic oil to be replaced once a year, and clean up the oil tank, timely clean water cooler to prevent oil temperature rise caused by accelerated aging oil.

With the continuous increase in the number of stainless steel consumption, stainless steel cold forming processing technology more and more widely used. We choose cold-formed floor molding machine in accordance with the characteristics of the production of products to choose their own molding process. The following Xiaobian to tell you about the common problems of stainless steel cold-formed floor molding machine.

1, stainless steel has a high strength, in the cold-formed floor machine work process, the deformation is too large, will lead to the workpiece fracture or damage to the mold phenomenon. So we in the production process to pay attention to check the workpiece hardness, to maintain a reasonable amount of deformation.

2, stainless steel workpiece in the cold forming after forming, the workpiece surface of the passivation film will be damaged, accompanied by stamping, etc., easy to rust. Therefore, after the completion of the workpiece can be done after a good stainless steel and finish, to its cleaning, decontamination and passivation treatment.

3, due to the mold and work platform dirty, debris clean and clean will lead to the workpiece after the surface with dirt, but also the phenomenon of corrosion. So to regularly grinding processing mold, to ensure that the workpiece after the smooth surface of the workpiece.

With the continuous development of China's economy and technology and improve, led the domestic cold-collar industry development. Cold bending industry has a good development prospects, mainly in the following areas:

1, the level of technical and equipment to improve: In recent years, cold-formed floor molding machine technology and equipment level continues to improve, all enterprises through independent research or the introduction of advanced equipment, to make their own equipment level, continuous improvement, continuous technology Improve, to achieve the goal of high-quality production of high-quality products.

2, industry exchanges, the strengthening of information sharing: the development of cold bending industry has intensified competition between enterprises; competition to the development of the industry has brought two benefits, one is to promote the development of the industry, the second is to accelerate the withdrawal of backward enterprises pace. Years of competition to enable enterprises to recognize the need for communication between the industry, information sharing in order to play the advantages of enterprises to promote the overall progress of the industry.