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Forming Mechanism Of Wall Panel Forming Machine

Using templates (die): commonly used template template by cavity molding molding, extrusion, flat die template.

Characteristics: formwork building advantages: walls and slabs casting in the moldcavity, geometry and accurate;

Disadvantages: casting die complex, demanding better uniformity of mixing slurry;

Advantages: produces a variety of composite wall panels of different materials, positioning accuracy, high precision, using a variety of reinforcement (net).

Flat die advantages: die templates is simple, low cost, than the state mode of production, casting slurry;

Disadvantages: poor accuracy than shuttering one of the forming surface accuracy, reinforcement (network) accuracy of slightly worse;

Advantage: lower plate production line integrated investment, production was relatively flexible.

Extruded advantage: high density of production of plates, high efficiency relative to other technology;

Disadvantages: production of sheet metal geometry precision is a bit poor, reinforcement (net) less than other technology, unable to produce composite material;

Core areas: production of prestressed plate.

Plate molding material: mainly lightweight sheets stir the slurry into a template (thecavity).