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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Risk Management

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Risk management

Equipment Management Section I Hidden Management

Article 1 If the general risk of personal safety is not found, the officer shall promptly notify the central control room to take emergency measures such as partial power outages or on-site treatment, and notify the squad leader. If a major hazard or accident is found, the officer must remain calm and must immediately cut off the local control box power supply (if any) in the case of ensuring their own safety, then move away from the scene and immediately notify the central control room to take full power outages, At the same time inform the squad leader, the squad leader in the notice and the workshop at the same time must be in the first time in accordance with the relevant contingency plans to organize emergency work. Otherwise the assessment of the responsible person 20 points.

Article 2 did not establish equipment failure information data, assessment of the responsible person 10 points.

Article 3 equipment failure information data is incomplete, each lack of 3 assessment of the responsible person 5/3. The device fault information data mainly contains the following:

1) Fault object identification data: equipment number, faulty parts manufacturer (not filled out), the first run date of the faulty parts, the location of the defective parts installation;

2) fault identification data: failure category (responsibility failure, quality failure, natural failure, other failures), time of occurrence, specific parts of the fault (as detailed as possible to the parts, if parts should be marked with the corresponding part number) , Whether the scene to take emergency measures. If there are contingency measures, what is the content of emergency measures;

3) failure test data: fault phenomenon, fault reasons, life value, test value;

Note: The requirements of the data information: in accordance with the relevant provisions of the workshop information management implementation.

Article 4 The operator must confirm that the equipment is fully equipped with the starting conditions before starting the equipment, otherwise the equipment can be started.

Article 5 The operator does not operate according to the operating procedures to cause damage to the equipment, the direct loss is less than the scope of equipment accident, the assessment of the responsible person 25 to 100 points.

Article 6 equipment five three assessment results are not timely statistics, assessment technical engineers 20 points / time, not the results of the correct time on the card, assessment equipment responsible person 20 points;

Article 7 The three rules shall contain at least the following contents: the name of the equipment, the scope, the specific contents and the corresponding requirements, the implementation of the charter employees, the supervision and examination of the main body, the time period, the implementation of the main replacement cycle, whether to replace the rotation criteria. Did not establish equipment maintenance three rules, the assessment of 10 points; details of the content is incomplete, the assessment of 5 points / 2.

Article 8 did not deal with the failure of the equipment on duty, the assessment of the responsible person 30 points; excuses do not complete the task, the assessment of 50 to 100 points.

Article 9 equipment maintenance did not meet the Class A maintenance standards, the assessment of responsible 30 points / Taiwan.