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Roll Forming Machine Comply With Operational Requirements

Roll Forming Machine Comply with operational requirements

With the continuous development of society, the molding machine has been concerned about the increasing use of the machine at the same time we should learn to use the cold bending machine, which is very critical as a user to avoid the phenomenon of equipment strike, the following Do we work together to understand how to use it safely?

This large-scale equipment, we must strictly abide by the operating requirements, when the skateboard and the positioning of the axis back to the original position to prove the end of the operation, the general cold bending machine equipment to run 1-2 minutes, the skateboard will run 2-3 times, This is a normal operation, if an abnormal phenomenon occurs, please stop immediately, troubleshooting. In addition to the correct use of us, in the stop or temporarily do not have time to choose power, to avoid accidents. On the molding machine to do routine maintenance, good products and daily maintenance are inseparable. Professional technical staff know that for the cold bending machine this device, the daily maintenance is very important. Especially lubricated. So how should the specific maintenance? Let's take a closer look!

Due to different cold bending machine manufacturers produced by the cold bending machine products in terms of performance is a certain difference. So we should carry out the daily maintenance should be in the purchase time, you need to consult the relevant professionals and inquire about. So that we buy back after the latter part of the appropriate maintenance and timely lubrication is quite necessary.

In general, if the length of the interval according to the time interval can be divided into continuous lubrication and intermittent lubrication. If we usually do not use the cold bending machine, this time we can carry out a lubrication, and then placed up. And in the usual use of the process should also need to pay attention to the cold bending machine cleaning. Only pay attention to good maintenance and lubrication, then we can more to extend its service life and efficiency. Now more than the industry welcomed the industrial equipment, cold bending machine is undoubtedly quite favored by the people. The reason for this is nothing more than a very wide range of applications. So since this new machine has so many applications, then we need to come to understand.

Highway and railways are the most common applications. Although the price of cold bending machine will be different, but this does not affect the major industries and areas of its widespread use. Especially similar to the road and railways and some other common areas, it is often can see the different cold bending machine manufacturers often use and use of cold bending machine products.

In addition to the above application areas, cold bending machines are also cited in coal mines. It is noteworthy that different cold bending machine manufacturers produced by the cold bending machine products, its good in the field is also a certain difference. For example, some of the more well-known production of cold bending machine manufacturers of products produced by the general will be widely used in coal and other areas of mineral transport pipeline.