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Roof And Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Daily Maintenance

Roof and Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Daily maintenance

As far as the current situation is concerned, the number of roof and wall forming machines is increasing, and some of its advantages are becoming more and more accepted by people, and through countless twists and turns, from the fifties of the last century Construction of roof and wall forming units, to the end of the seventies in the country only six factory manufacturers.

Roof and wall forming machine industry This malaise has continued until the beginning of reform and opening up, and later in the reform and opening up a strong form, the steel varieties and quality gradually improved, roof and wallboard molding machine production Began to have further development. In 1989, China has more than 20 manufacturers, production reached 300,000 tons, and even the specifications also have more than 800 kinds. With the development of science and technology, roof and wallboard molding machine is also continuous progress, according to the new adjustment results show that so far has more than 100 sets of roof and wall forming units, production has been 1.5 million tons, And the specifications are also more than 1000 kinds of. Whether it is in the production efficiency or product quality improvement has been greatly improved, will also be in the future to the road farther and farther. Roof and wall forming machine daily maintenance, for each manufacturer is the most important. However, people always ignore a very serious problem, that is, do not do the roof and wall forming machine lubricating oil work. In fact, the role of lubricants is also great.

For the lubrication of the machine, according to the time we can be divided into two kinds, indirect lubrication and continuous lubrication. If our machine for a long time I run, then we are usually 3 months or half a year for a lubricant can be. If the machine is running more frequently, then, we replace the lubricating oil is better for twenty days or a month. Time should not be too long, of course, do not need too often. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to look at the spindle, to see whether the nozzle oil flow of oil, if found, to stop the machine repair. To avoid other damage to the machine. There is the process of oil change, we should thoroughly clean the mailbox, in the absence of cleaning on the use of other lubricants will cause some damage to the machine's bearings. Therefore, the exchange of oil and roof and wall forming machine is still more important, we should pay attention to it.

Roof and wall forming machines are widely used in industrial production as a cold-formed steel. They are widely used because of their high efficiency, low noise and no pollution to the environment. However, roof and wall panels The use of the molding machine is a certain requirement, only the correct use, can guarantee the improvement of production efficiency, to ensure that the operator, then you have to understand this? If not, the following article will help you.

1, must be based on the performance of processed materials and processing curvature to adjust the pressure to prevent the workpiece splash splash.

2, multi-person work must have someone to command, processing pieces into, back when the team leader must be issued to other personnel with instructions closely consistent with the action. Do not place between the inlet and the drum and the workpiece.

3, roof and wall forming machine slot selection, generally choose the thickness of 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm of the sheet, need to choose about 32 of the slot.

4, according to the processing of the bending of the workpiece to be moved when the top pad, the top pad and the head of the contact of not less than two-thirds. The contact of the starting end of the workpiece with the support pad shall be outside the axis of the support pad. When bending a larger bend, the end is not allowed to stand.