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Roof And Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Permanent Template

Roof and Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine Permanent template

Overview of the Features of Mechanical Equipment for Floor

1, the floor steel plate ribs can be placed water, electricity, pipelines, so that the structural layer and the pipeline into one, indirectly increased the height or reduce the height of the building, to bring flexibility to architectural design;

2, in the construction phase, the floor steel plate can be used as a continuous lateral support beam to improve the overall stability of the steel beam bearing capacity;

3, in the use of stage, to improve the overall stability of the steel beam and the local stability of the upper flange;

4, the appearance of clean and beautiful.

5, floor bearing plate pressure machinery and equipment products floor steel plate can be used as a permanent template of cast-in-place concrete. Which saves the construction of the installation and removal of templates and other processes, thus saving time and labor;

6, when the floor steel plate can be installed as a construction platform after use. At the same time because there is no need to use temporary support, nor affect the next layer of construction work;

7, floor steel bearing plate can be used as the floor of the bottom bar to reduce the installation of the plate of the workload;

8, according to the different shape of the floor steel plate shape, up to 30% of the floor can reduce the amount of concrete, reduce the floor weight and can reduce the corresponding beam, column and foundation size, improve the overall performance of the structure; Flatten the table, a steady machine, you can pull the chassis feet to facilitate the observation of the machine panel. Plug the plug on the hand-held head into the socket on the panel and tighten it, notice the notch.

    Then plug the end of the power cord into the socket on the rear panel of the chassis and the other end into the power supply socket. Be sure to use single-phase three-wire power supply. And then open the power switch (POWER SW.) On the rear panel of the chassis. Press the "SWITCHING" button on the panel, and the machine will be able to work with the "WARM UP" green light. Press and hold the "SETTING BUTTON" button to set the appropriate value, usually between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds.

    (HEATING) "red indicator light, that is heating, the sensor head do not move away," HEATING "" red light off the light, then turn on the handle on the top of the lid, press the handle on the start button, And then remove the sensor head.

     Finally, the "WARM UP" green indicator light or the buzzer in the machine shorts the "beep" prompt and then the next container can be closed. Check the sealing quality, according to different materials, diameter containers and production efficiency, appropriate dressing "SET button (SETTING BUTTON) button, making the best sealing quality.