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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine Curing Stereotypes

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine Curing stereotypes

Principle / molding machine editor

The working principle of the molding machine is similar to that of the injector, which is the injection of a plasticized molten state (ie, viscous) into the closed cavity by means of the thrust of the screw (or plunger) The process of obtaining the finished product after curing.

Injection molding is a cycle of the process, each cycle mainly include: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure injection - filling mold cooling - Kaiqi pickup. Remove the plastic parts and then closed the mold, the next cycle.

Structure / Forming Machine Editors

⑴, molding machine computer using imported PLC computer host chip, matching LCD screen, software backup fault self-diagnosis system and error correction function, so that the operation more convenient, the control program to fool-style design, no professional training can induction operation.

⑵, forming machine full hydraulic drive, with the first domestic stepless hydraulic FM technology to solve the molding machine on a variety of materials and block type of fitness, improve the material density, shorten the molding cycle.

Classification / molding machine editing

According to the product line can be divided into: carton molding machine, carton molding machine, packing machine, cartoning machine, paper packing machine, unloading machine.

According to the degree of automation of the machine can be divided into: automatic molding machine, automatic carton molding machine.

Features / Forming Machine Editors

The use of vertical storage cardboard, and can be added at any time, without downtime;

Applicable to the same time the same carton size packaging use, if you want to change the specifications of the carton, manually adjust the use (the required time only 1 to 2 minutes);

The machine uses rationalized design, suction box, forming, the back cover are automatically processed at one go;

Mechanical performance precision and durability, the operation of no vibration, stable operation long life;

The machine adopts PLC + man-machine interface display control, high performance, high speed, high efficiency;

Carton at both ends of the sealing tape angle of 50 ~ 70mm, can be customized 80,100 MM;

Can be stand-alone operation, but also with the automated packaging line supporting the use of.

⒈ block molding machine compared with the traditional clay brick, raw materials can be used industrial waste: coal ash, coal gangue, slag, smelting slag and a variety of tailings as the main raw material. More environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, waste recycling.

⒉ block making machine with three bars up and down a pressure molding, molding can be immediately after the stacking, without a care brick, is the latest domestic block brick models.

⒊ block making machine produced by the standard low cost, lucrative. All the necessary costs to consider, including the cost of each standard bricks 9 cents, the market price of 2-3 times here.

⒋ block forming machine body with high precision, high strength castings and special welding technology and materials manufacturing, good steel, vibration, long life.