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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine Molding Machine Industry

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine Molding machine industry

In recent years, the cold-rolled machine industry has shown a particularly high growth momentum. At present, the industry sales of about 40 billion yuan, the output of more than 1.9 billion. According to customs statistics, cold-rolled machine industry in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of the average annual export growth rate of 31%, is the cold-rolled machine industry, the average speed twice.

However, due to the lack of brand and channel, domestic enterprises are only orders to produce delivery, the product sold to those who do not know how much money to sell, do not know where to sell. Do not understand the terminal market demand, resulting in passive production and low efficiency.

So this malpractice must be changed. Import, the speed of imports is increasing, indicating that China's high-end market more and more foreign products, but also that the domestic products because there is no brand can not enter the domestic high-end market.

Cold rolling machine industry is cold and rolled forming machine products industry both traditional and emerging industries, that it is traditional, because the lock products have a long history of manufacturing and use of time; that it is emerging, because the lock products continue to innovate, New technology to meet the new era of consumer products in the use of features, appearance, design and other aspects of the demand for the protection of people's lives and property and the normal life of the people played a role in escort.

In response to these problems, China Cold Rolled Molding Machine Products Association put forward the following priorities:

First, the brand building. This year the cold-rolled machine industry but also to carry out cold-rolled machine industry, "the top ten lock king" assessment work to promote the visibility of enterprises and industries for the brand building, channel construction to do a little paving the role of the purpose is to improve their own Reputation.

Second, the industrial clusters to increase support efforts, through the development of industrial clusters to industry development.

Third, to product quality as the center, increase the intensity of technological transformation. Good product quality must rely on advanced equipment, which is necessary to ensure product quality conditions.

Fourth, technological innovation.

Fifth, build sales platform, expand domestic and foreign markets, to walk on two legs, balanced development.

Overall, the cold rolling machine industry is facing the following major problems:

First, the size of small enterprises, enterprise structure is irrational, product structure is unreasonable, the leading role of enterprises, exemplary take the lead role are not fully play. This phenomenon does not change, will not be sustainable development. I have visited the plum lock factory, plum blossom through the automatic assembly line transformation, so that labor productivity increased by 600%. 18 million investment in equipment, one year to a year and a half will be able to earn investment in equipment. At the same time, the introduction of automation equipment, but also brought the stability of product quality improvement.

Second, the development of extensive, backward technology, product capacity serious excess, low-grade products, high-end products, product quality is not stable and there is a gap with the developed countries, the lack of high standards, high efficiency, lack of core technology and independent intellectual property rights , The lack of world-renowned brands, in short, the lack of core competitiveness and international market-led capacity.

Third, the product structure needs to be adjusted. Padlock technical content, processing technology and product prices are not high, should enrich the product line, the production of high value-added lock products.