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The Basic Definition Of Roll Forming

Roll forming methods is to use a set of racks in a row to the stainless steel rolled into complex shapes. Roll sequence is designed, namely: each rack roller type continuously deform metal until you get the desired final shape. If parts of complex shape, up to 36 racks, but simple shape part three or four rack can.

Roll forming technology to produce large quantities of long form most economies. Strip width range is 2.5~1500mm, the thickness is 0. 25~3.5mm。 Processing ofparts of shapes ranging from simple to complex, closed sections.

In General, due to high tooling cost and installation cost, only used in production at more than 30000 m roll forming technology to the economy. However, for roll forming machine carbon steel profiles used to produce stainless steel cases are stillnot clear. In this case, care must be taken to prevent pollution or scratches on thesurface, and the equipment needed to stay under stainless steels cold work hardening and high rebound margin.